Alternative to Word, Excel

While I’m a proponent of purchasing a service that is good, there are times when people just want to complete a computer task without forking over hundreds of dollars.  There used to be a time when one would head out to the office supply store or electronics store and purchase a copy of Windows OS (ME, 2000, XP, etc) and/or a copy of Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).  I’m sorry, but those days are gone.  Because the cost of building computer storage is cheaper, companies are willing to give you lots of storage options for a nominal fee.  Read my article Online Storage.

Since online store is cheaper, companies decided to make everything available online.  There were other companies that made it first to this process, but I think Google has the biggest following.

Google Logooogle is primarily a search company, but they have branched into many areas over the years.  Their not-so-latest is Google Apps.  Google Apps is a suite of products similar to Microsoft Office.  They have alternatives to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.  So, if you recently purchase a PC / computer / laptop and have no way of creating a word processing document, join the Google-verse.  It is completely free and Google keeps your documents private.  They will occasionally offer you services based on your searches, but not through the Google Apps.  I have created some videos on YouTube to walk you through the sign-up process and using various Google applications.  If you think you can do it on your own, give it a try and experiment.

Good luck Googling!